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im 13 i got phimosis i can drag my penis fully back when its soft. I got public but my penis is like 2 inches is it normal? How do i know when my ballsack has grown.  My penis has been the same size the Hole time. in the locker room the other guys have much bigger penises than me.

i cant stop thinking about it, i have done surgery for phimosis, i got half phimosis now.

pleas help me.


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Hi guest do you mean that you can't pull your foreskin back at all when your erect? When you look at your penis your seeing it at a different angle to what you see other guys in the locker room at there for making yours seem a lot smaller, your penis can carry on growing right up until you in your early 20s so don't worry about your size. Just because other guys look bigger when there's are soft doesn't mean it will be when erect You haven't long been in puberty so give everything time to happen not everything changes quick. :-)


Hi Guest
It is frustrating when you seem to be a bit smaller than some of the other guys in the locker room but your size is pretty much average for your age and you have many years of growth and development ahead of you.
As people come in all sizes the same is true about the penis there will be some guys much bigger and some smaller as well but 2 inches soft is just fine for your age and it will definitely grow.
Soon you will notice your testicles starting to hang lower and that is how you will know they are growing and getting heavier.
It sounds like you are developing just as you should be and everyone grows and develops at different rates and times so try not to compare yourself to others your normal and there is no need to worry the changes you are hoping for will happen soon enough.