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It has always been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sadly, using today’s makeup products beauty can come with some dangerous side effects from the chemical found in makeup.

Toxins Hiding in Your Beauty Products 

With so much information available to the general public, one would think that the public would know more about the products that they buy. Tough economic times force the consumer to cut cost on products that they once spent a lot of money to own. The lack of money has also encouraged the manufactures of consumer goods to cut corners and quality of products. Unfortunately, you always get what you pay for and buying cheaper, less expensive beauty products and food may come with a very deadly price tag. 

Beauty Begins In the Inside of Your Body

The U.S Government allows a scant amount of some pretty harsh chemicals in its makeup products. There are even worse hazards that can be found in our food. America is the only country that allows poisons in our personal care items and Genetically Modifies its food for human consumption.  It is ironic with the rise of Acne and other skin conditions, may just be caused by the food that we eat.

Genetically Modified Organizations are Meeting Consumer Demand

Genetically Modified Organizations, GMO, are under attack due to the practice of increasing the production of food. Among many other topics, there are two topics that stand out and are widely discussed over internet:

  • Cows can now lactate at 6 weeks of age. Biologically, calves should not be able to produce food until they are at least 6 months old. The milk consumed from these calves are infused with steroids, growth hormones, and antibiotics.
  • Wheat used to make up the main stay of our diets: breads, pasta, flour, etc., has the DNA of weed killer implanted into genetically modified seeds.    

Our bodies are not designed to break down the synthesized components that are now found in our foods. Evidence of the build up of these toxins in our bodies are becoming apparent:

  • Adult acne has become a problem: even in people that never had acne during puberty are now learning how to have clear skin.
  • The body shapes of the younger generation are not normal. And, also, the younger generation is showing signs of age at a very young age: it is odd to see a 15 year old with Crows Feet.

It is best to use the most Organic products that you can find or provide it for yourself. Usually when a consumer learns about the contents found in the products that they buy most are genially shocked.

Unfortunately, America has become an instant gratification society: we want instant results, right now. So, the manufactures are only trying to meet the needs of a demanding public.
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