I was playing football 3 weeks ago and stepped in a hole with my left foot, I got up and I had pain around the toes area. The next day the pain was worse and I went to see my doctor, he referred me to a podiatrist. After X-rays and MRI, the doc informed me that I had a Lisfranc injury and I dislocated my 2nd and 3rd metatarsals and my big toe is not where it should be. He put me in a cast, no weight bearing. The told me that I may have to have surgery if I still have pain and the dislocation is not healed correctly. Just wondering if I shouldn’t have had surgery right away, putting on a cast may make things worse. I still have pain, just worried that it will heal incorrectly and I will have to go thru the same process again. I am 22 yrs and scared I may not be able walk or run like I do now. Anyone in the same boat write me

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