Strep throat? I have suffered from bacterial tonsillitis quite a lot from the ages of about 11 - 14, now at 15,almost 16 years old,my doctor thinks I have strep throat due to my symptoms: very painful swallowing, enlarged tonsils (like massive), swollen lymph nodes, fever and white pus on my tonsils. He took a throat swab and sent it to be examined, however 1 day after using the antibiotics prescribed, my pain is...I would say worse, my ear is hurting, tonsil is constantly throbbing, I can barely get a few hours sleep. Only one side of my throat and ear (left) is affected but the pain is so bad (I've tried recommended numbing throat spray and pain killers but they aren't working, I've even tried salt water gargling) I'm at the point of tears and don't know what to do. Any ideas on fast pain relief, and do you think I do have strep?