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Hi, so I to just stop taking methadone this past Saturday an today is Monday. I had only been on it for 6weeks an this was the first time I ever tried it. I joined a clinic because I was on pain pills from surgeries an a bad car accident from a year ago. I was taking a little over 10 10mg.hydrocodones a day some days more. I started the methadone with no knowledge about it so I thought well ok I hope it helps me to stop these pain pills. Last week which was week6 I decided ok I want off because my thoughts my dreams my everything about me had changed dramatically changed!!!! I kept asking myself why am I here an what is my purpose? After my wreck last year it was an eye opener for me an Lord knows I have changed so much an I have given my life to the Lord an I attend church every Sun an I pray everyday an I never once asked the Lord why am I here ever until getting on this. I dont feel normal I dont feel anything but negative depressed anxiety an useless. I am 27 an I have done other things in my life an I lost my best friend 2 years ago from murder. I never dealt with life on a clear mind, well in a long time I haven't an I have to say I HATE METHADONE!!!!! I hate everything about it!!!! It did help keep pain pills off my mind but now that I am off I dont want anything. I freaked out just telling myself I was getting off of it. I dont know what to expect because everyone is different an this is day 3 an only hot flashes then chills an no appetite. I drink alot of water everyday an have been for a long time I used to eat a lot but not now. I think negative constantly an (no thoughts of killing myself) just negative about life an something might happen to me trying to get off of this c**p. I dont think I have ever had withdrawals except like mood swings so this is so scary to me. Every time I get on the net I look it up an read things that really scare me. I pray really hard that God will help me get through this an never look back. I just typed something in the search engine an this site popped up, I want to say to all who have commented on this site, Reading all of a you guys stories has really helped me to not give up!!!! I felt a relief by just reading some of the same signs I have an different stories about how some of you dont have any symptoms WHOOOOOOOHHHH...... I am telling you all thank you from the bottom of my heart an my God bless you all.... This is one of the scariest things I have ever been through an I will never ever take or even look at Methadone again an if anyone ask me about it, well I have a story now an I dont mind sharing it with the world...... Thank you all again an you all are a huge blessing to me.... last thing if anyone has any good advice or anything to help me get through this please feel free to help because I am clueless about this c**p. God bless you all


I am currently going through withdrawal from prescribed Suboxone ... a Methadone treatment facility was suggested but from your comments, I'm thinking that is not such a good idea.  I already have depression issues;  Sounds like the meth can just enhance them.  So your suggestion, steer clear huh.