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Hi, my son is abusing marijuana, or at least I suspect so by the smell of his cloths. How can I check it?


Hi, marijuana is commonly abused among teenagers and young people. Usually it is smoked in thin hand rolled cigarettes called joints. You can look for cigarette rolling papers, blunt wraps, small pipes and bongs to check if your son is smoking marijuana. Young people also take eye drops to clear red eyes, use of air fresheners to cover the heavy smell of Marijuana. Also, small scales or newer digital scales are used for Weighing Marijuana and for sandwich bags. If you notice any of this equipment your assumption of marijuana abuse is confirmed.


Being an ex pot-tokin' teen, (I'm 17) I would encourage you NOT to just randomly search his room... He'll regret you. More than likely he won't get over it and you'll become the bad guy. (My sister-in-law searched my room once, and found a few things, she told my father and I haven't spoken to her since. It's been a few years.)

Instead, let him know what you think. DO NOT accuse him of smoking pot. That'll piss him off. Ask him what he and his friends do when they hang out. Ask him to call you every once-in-a-while when he's out with his friends. If he doesn't call you, call him. Cellphones aren't a priveledge.. they're more like really long, well hidden leashes.

Pot isn't a big problem.. really. Be glad he's not like my friends. If pot's all you're suspecting, consider yourself lucky. My friends are mostly meth-heads, and addicted to things like ritalin and zoloft. One of my best friends does Acid like.. every day.

If your kid smokes marijuana, I think it'd be better for both of you if you talk to him about it. If he acts like he doesn't want to talk about it, or calls you stupid for suggesting that you talk about it.. he probably does it. Well, actually.. if he's in his teens he probably does it. If you can smell it, he's really bad at covering it up. Here are some signs:

-Frequent and I mean FREQUENT use of Gum and breath-mints.

-Does he have vasaline on his person at all times?

-clothing smells like marijuana

-Failing classes (sometimes only a few, I only every failed algebra.)

-Not givin' a good-god-damn what people think

-More often than not.. listening to drug-related music

-Being with friends -- ALL the time.

I can't tell you that he does or doesn't.. but I can tell you being an understanding parent helps ALOT. My dad told me he thought I wanted to be a good student, that I wanted to do what's right.. and that pretty much got me. I've always been taught the right way in life.. I screwed up in highschool, but everybody does it. Just talk to him.


The active ingredient in marijuana, THC, stays in the bloodstream for up to thirty days. It can be detected through a urine test that can be done in your pediatrician's office or in a local laboratory that runs such tests (you can get a referral from your doctor). All you need to do is call them and arrange to have your teen's urine sample taken, and they'll have the laboratory results back in a few days. Of course, you should inform your child that you'll be doing a random drug screening to find out if he's getting high. Tell him that you are taking this tough measure as a supportive tool to help him change his behavior. Explain that drug use can easily become habitual and compulsive. Even if he honestly tries to stop taking drugs, he may relapse several times as struggles to quit using. This does not make someone a bad person, and repeated effort pays off. The drug test can show where more effort is needed and also will show his progress. Emphasize that your motivation is caring. The test will tell the story, and then you can hold him accountable for his actions. In the event that your child refuses to take a drug screen, tell him that you'll assume she's using and proceed accordingly.

Teens often try to find a way to fool these tests. I've heard about kids drinking excessive amounts of water, spraying Lysol in their urine samples, or drinking herbal tea to avoid a positive test result.