I was prescribed methadone 10mg 3x a day by my family phys. I was in a auto accident 6 yrs ago and have been through it all for my back pain. As I'm sure anyone with cronic pain will understand my frustrations now, the methadone did help me to function. Now my doc is sending me to a different doc to see if see can help me. Now this doctor has a fit and tells me that I'm stacking them and I will die eventually from this. She also told me that if I was to get sick tomorrow with a respitory infection that I will not be here the next day. Now I am down to 10mg a day at night but here I go again on the 750mg vicodine 3-4 times a day also. Can anyone explain how can two different docs have two totally different opinions about the dosage? will someone plz help me understand what the meaning of stacking? How come my doc thinks its ok and truely does help me and this new doc disagrees?anyone with some experience with this could tell me there story. Please help me cause I'm truely scared to death but how can I live with the pain again.