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i am 13 and never seen my own sperm. All my "old frends" make fun of me. It all started at a sleepover when they made me play a game called the" sperm game" where you masterbate over a bucket and the one with the most sperm wins, and mine was dry. I got made fun of alot and lost alot of frends that week. I NEED HELP!!!


Hey buddy. Unfortunately - there isn't really anything we can do to help other than give you a little advice!

You are 13 are really WELL within the normal range to not be able to ejaculate yet!!!! How much older are your friends than you? I would bet that a good number of them could not ejaculate when they were your age.

Are you more concerned that you can't ejaculate yet - or is the concern that they make fun of you? If your concern is really that they tease you - then don't masturbate with them!

You said they "made you" play this game. You should NEVER feel like you have to do stuff like that. If it's something you're ok - and comfortable with - then go ahead and have fun as long as you're careful! Think about this too - If you lost friends over something you have absolutely no control over...they really were not very good friends anyway! You can't control how old you are when you will start making sperm anymore than THEY could...

If you want to feel more 'normal' - maybe stick to masturbating with friends your own age. They are more likely to be closer to your stage of development - and certainly you are not the only one of kids your age that can not produce semen yet!

Dude - take it easy...relax...and enjoy your body where you are right now. Some might even say you have an get all the pleasure of masturbating...but none of that messy clean up! Trust me...once you start having to clean up semen every time you masturbate it will get old.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Be good!


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Definitely an advantage. We used to do it in school while sitting at our desks. We had to stop when it started leaving wet spots on our pants.

They wish they could be back there, that's why they have to tease you.
You get all the good feelings without the mess.