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1. I am a 14 year old. I have 1 inch penis when soft, and when erected, around 2 1/2. Is it normal for me?

2. I tried masturbating today. I used the up and down movement of the hand, and I felt something will blow out of my penis, and a pleasurable thing. But, after that, no stuff came out (sometimes, just urine). Then, i lose the feeling of masturbating again. Help?



Don't worry about the size. You're young, you're growing, it will get bigger, and it isn't really that important.

It sounds as though you're just not quite ready to ejaculate yet, maybe. Are you sure it was just urine? It is not uncommon to have clear ejaculate when you first start.

Losing the feeling is very typical after you've had an orgasm.

Give it some more time. You're very close.

Hope this helps, Dan


Actually, I first Masturbated last April(?), but I do not have the feeling when I tried it first, so I told you that it was my first time last day.
I did not include it in the message, sorry.


No worries.

Have you ever ejaculated? Or was this a one time thing?

If you haven't ever then I wouldn't worry. I just don't think your body is physically ready yet. It should be soon though. Have you any pubic hair? That seems to happen around the time you can ejaculate.

If you have ejaculated before, it is possible to temporarily "run out" if you masturbate excessively.

Hope that helps.


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That all sounds very normal to me.

You are still growing and so is your penis.

I began masturbating at 10 and it didn't become complicated until I was about 13. Me and a buddy used to masturbate in our pants under our desks in 8th grade history class. I started 1st grade at 5, so that made me 13 going on 14. We called it playing pocket pool. About half way through the year I had to stop because something began to come out that left a wet spot on my pants. It was just a clear liquid that felt slippery like liquid soap when I rubbed it between my finger tips.

That was quite a revolting development because it severely limited my masturbatory activity. I couldn't do it whenever I happened to feel like it anymore, I had to deal with that darned liquid coming out.

As time went on it became cloudy and eventually milky looking. I guess that's why we called masturbation "creaming off".

So it sounds like you're right on schedule.