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i really need to get of the  oxycodone "hell Ride" i am 48 have had neck surgery last month but i have had back problems for years. My husband is so against the pain pills, and i dont blame him we have had trouble with both my boys being on them. Having them steal from us and lie to us, but i let myself get addicted to them, How stupid is that. I have a 3 year old grand son that we have adopted, so i feel that the pills help me do the  things i need to do with him. I just need help in getting off the pills. My husband doesnt know how many i really do take. I know it will hurt him really bad but i dont know where to turn.i cant go cold turkey, who will care for my grandson? Anyone have any advis for me I would really apprecaite it.

Thanks so much


My friend got addicted to hydrocodone. What he did was slowly reduce how much he took. A little bit at a time. Then when its a small amount, it shouldn't seem like as much. When you manage to get off of it, get all of the oxy out of your house so that you won't be tempted, & neither will your boys.