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I'm 17 and I recently had my foreskin retracted for the first time. I always tried to retract it but I was to afraid of damaging it because it was tight. But like last week my girlfriend retracted it for the first time, there wasn't much discomfort, just my head was sensitive but I was told that is normal, it was only retracted for about 5 minutes and my foreskin returned to normal after. But few days later my girlfriend retracted it again did some business, I ejaculated, this time it was retracted for about 25 minutes, I didn't really think about it until the next day my foreskin didn't cover my whole penis and in the shower I pulled back over and it was still not covering it as much as it used too but it wasn't far off. But then a two days later my girlfriend retracted it again and did the business, this time there was no discomfort at all except my head was still sensitive. And the next day I noticed my foreskin covered even less of the head, I can still pull I back over but it goes back again. There's no pain except my sensitive head touches things because its not fully covered anymore. Is this normal? Well it be a problem during sex? I want to avoid seeing a doctor


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Don't worry about it, all normal. You are so lucky to have a girl who likes to pull it back and play with it. Enjoy it.

If you leave it alone for long enough it will slip back over the head.