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Ok, So I'm going to write up the whole story.

Just under 3 weeks ago I had been masturbating in the shower and I pulled my foreskin all the way behind my glans when fully erect for the first time. It felt so weird so I got out of the shower and tried to lose the erection, after panicining for about 5-10 minutes it finally went down and my foreskin started to roll under itself, I couldn't seem to get it all the way back up the head 100% it would sit at about 90% then I'd get an erection it would roll back down my glans, then it would go away, but it would still retract on its own, most likely because it was slightly rolled under itself. This scared the absolute c**p out of me, I thought I could sleep it off and it would be ok - it wasn't. 

Next day it was still rolled up and only covering about 90% of my glans, but the rolling down on it's own had stopped, and it had remained like this for the next 8-9 days until I went to the doctor to see why it wouldn't unroll. The doctor said he thinks I just stretched the foreskin and that's why it was reacting like this, then he swabbed it for yeast and told me I have balanitis and prescribed me a cream. I have been using the cream twice a day for the last 7 days and I just applied it for the 15th time (twice a day, so 7 days + once on the first day since I got it late). I never really had any of the symptoms of balanitis I feel, my glans wasn't really swollen, or it WAS and I didn't realize it due to the fact that 2-3 days after using the cream (clotrimaderm 1%) my foreskin returned to normal and has looked how it was supposed to for the last 3-5 days. Mission accomplished? Not really sure.

Basically my glans was never hurting, it was never scabbing or peeling, it didn't itch or hurt when I urinated, the only 'real' problem I had was the foreskin rolling, and now it's back to normal (by appearance) - so should I stop taking the cream? I have a spot on my glans that's a very very dim red, it's hardly noticable and I don't remember if it's always been there, but it's a little sensitive as are other parts of my glans when I apply the cream, but I don't know if this is due to balanitis or because I'm uncut and the glans is naturally sensitive.

What should I do? I don't remember if the doctor said to continue treatment for 7 days, or for 10, or 7-10 but the prescription from the pharmacy (over the counter product) says 7 days. I have virtually no pain, my hygeine for how I treat my glans (drying it fully, no soaps, washing every day) has changed and improved, I'm now aware of what I was doing (using soaps, maybe masturbating too hard, not drying off my glans after showers) - so in result, I got this.

what I'm trying to find now are answers to these questions.

1) Am I cured? Are the sensitive spots on my glans result of just being my glans or balanitis?

2) Am I able to masturbate? I don't want to disrupt the treatment but it's getting really difficult, I haven't masturbated in 3 weeks and I used to get off one or two times a day every day, so I'm starting to lose it lol - especially having a girlfriend it's just... I need to but I know I also need to be strong and resist.

3) Foreskin looks 100% back to normal now, it's not swollen, and there are no symptoms of balanitis such as pain, itching, discharge, nothing other than a bit of sensitivity when I apply the cream (could possibly count as 'pain'?) 

4) The doctor said I could masturbate after a few days of letting the cream settle in, so any medical advice on this would be sooo great.

Thanks, I know it was a long read but I've been in constant distress for 3 weeks now, I need some closure or atleast releif on if I'm ok.


Also - I forgot to mention, is it harmful to keep applying this cream? Since I think I'm healed I don't want to damage my glans or foreskin by applying this cream. Thanks, Pepper


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I found this somewhat late but I hope you are checking in on it.

I think what you experienced is quite normal and your doctor didn't know it either. I think the cream just lubricated it so it slid back into place and you don't need that at all.

Mine used to do that all the time when I was young. I started masturbating at 10 and I can't say how old I was the first time I experienced it, probably a few days after I began. I remember it happening almost every time I masturbated if I pulled the foreskin back far enough to expose the glans and when you really get going how can you avoid it? I always wanted to expose the glans anyway because it felt so good having the foreskin go back all the way exposing the head and then rolling back over it.

When the fully retracted foreskin rolls back over the glans it begins doubling over itself before it gets all the way so when the outer part is all the way up some of the inner part is folded under. There's nothing wrong, that's just the way it rolls out. It only bothered me because it left part of my sensitive glans exposed but I soon discovered if I left it like that the exposed part dried out and was much less sensitive. The dried out part was a lot more fun to touch and roll between my fingers so I figured out a way to make it stay all the way back when I went to sleep at night. In the morning the whole glans was dry and I could really enjoy rubbing it and playing with it and eventually I began to hold my foreskin back so I could dry rub it to masturbate.

So don't panic, enjoy yourself. Pull it back and play with it to find all the good feelings you have there.