Iam married indian women from last  6 years no kids and  i love my husband very much. I don't want to leave him any situation. but

am married indian women from last 6 years no kids, we are trying for kids form last 5 years. even i got pragnant also twice but got aborted. Reason is nothing because we don;t have any physical problem. but my husband is very aggessive, egoistic,good hearted,voilent. he is full of anger, but some time very cool, not having patience. manipulating, dominating, and he always hits me, abuse me on every small reasons. he say's iam not a kind of his type, iam not smart stylish and also not having common sense. he always listen to others and always try underestimate in front of others, hits me in front of others, abuse me in front of his parents. even so many time he hits on road when we are walking. he always try to compare me with other girls. his age 34 and my age is also 34. we had a love marriage. he try to change me like my standard of living even i also changed myself for him. becasue i love him and i always want that he should also love me as i much as i love him. iam very simple women by nature, always repect others. iam not a political minded. always try to keep happy others. An i don'twant to leave my husband only kindly suggest. whenever he angry what should be ny step? because what happen he try to prove me wrong and i try to always prove my self iam not wrong. in this we got in to argument and he hits me on any small reasons. kindly suggest?