My husband beats me, abuses me and I am pregnant! I have been married for around 7 months. It was an arranged marriage and we had a courtship of around 6 months after which we were married. My husband loves me but when it comes to abuses he beats me very badly. When it comes to taking care of my food, my looks, etc everything has now turned out to be hateful. He manages the finance. I am prescribed bed rest as I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and coeliac disease in my pregnancy. So he has a point and he keeps on reminding me that he is feeding me and paying for my expenses. The first hitting episode happened when we were on our honeymoon. An arguement turned into physical and verbal abuse. I got a punch straight on my face. These incidences continued and one fine day I got to know that I was pregnant. I was happy at the thought of my husband changing his behaviour towards me. After 3 months we go on a trip to Malaysia and the episode repeats. This time I get a kick and pushed on the floor. He went out of the room and locked me inside to feel the pain. The time passes and now I am 6 months pregnant and he has hit me again. Punches, kicks and bruises here and there. He doesn’t even bother saying sorry and says that I provoke him and that he would again raise his hand if I spoke again. What do I do?? Please help!