Hi I just turned 21 in December 2015 and fell on my 21st birthday celebration. I was only sure of my pregnancy after 5-6 weeks when I did a home and clinic pregnancy test. So there,I was with mixed feelings but one thing I was sure about is that I couldn't keep my baby for various reasons. My medical abortion process started on the 12 of February 2016 and on the 14th I had to take my 2nd and 3rd dose of abortion pills to start passing blood clots,endure heavy pains and have heavy bleeding. Today is the 17th I can't sleep due to heavy pains. To be honest I can't really even function. I've lost so much money as this was an unplanned pregnancy and abortion. I don't regret aborting my daughter,that's the sex of the baby I felt I was carrying; but I wish things had been different. In human terms I was 7 weeks when I aborted but in medical terms I was 9 weeks. I never looked at my baby's scan because I felt like I was already attached to her too much. Abortion is the most painful thing any woman can ever go through,just like period pains or labor pains,and you know what I wish I had someone to go through it with who really understands the pains and emotions associated with this. I lost my baby on Valentine's Day and i just wish this whole experience had already passed.