I've been breaking out recently (mainly because Ive too tired to take off my makeup) and I decided to dig through my bathroom cabinet for the Proactive to clear the blemishes. BIG MISTAKE. (Keep in mind I haven't used this product in over a year). I only used the toner "Step 2" and repairing treatment "Step 3" 

I put it on my face around 9 a.m. but only applied it to areas where my blemishes were. (Chin, cheeks, nose, forehead- not eyes). Hours later, around 3 p.m., my face started to get hot and red and itched! 

I immediately wiped off my makeup for the day with a Neutrogena wipe and it was still burning, itching, and red. I mean, it looked like I had a terrible sunburn on my face, that's how red it was. I felt like my pores needed to breathe but couldn't! 

After about an hour I took a Benadryl to try and stop my symptoms. It's now 9 p.m. and my face is still burning, itchy, and red but not as bad as it was earlier. 

As I was examining the "Step 3" bottle, I came to find out it was expired in March 2015...

Does anyone know if the expiration could've done this? Or does it seem like I am just allergic? 

How long did this reaction last on you?