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i am pregnant and i want to know if it is ok to pass brown discharge.


Hi! I also had brown discharge at the beginning of my pregnancy. The thing is that nobody could tell me the reason for it but it appears that many women experience it.

Some say that this may be old blood getting out because our inside is starting to stretch, others think it could be due to cervix irritation due to pelvic exams.

The most important thing is to have regular ultrasounds and check up on the baby’s progress. When I would make sure the baby’s growing and that the heart’s beating, I wouldn’t worry anymore.

What is your discharge like? Is it mucus brown discharge or bloody spotting?

If a female experience bloody spotting with some cramping and periods-like pain, that could be a sign of miscarriage. Miscarriage bleeding may be in a form of spotting, heavy bleeding and bloody clots.

Have you been experiencing this discharge on a few occasions or just once?