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Hi, I'm 13 and I weigh 134 I want to lose weight but since it is around christmas I still want to eat a sweet a day. I want a simple plan that will help and a workout to.

Thanks so much!


Hi, Guest!  How much were you wanting to lose before Christmas?  You may be able to get 5 lbs off by then.  Would that be good for you?  I think you can have a sweet each day.  Eat a bowl of oatmeal with a piece of fruit and milk for breakfast each day.  You can eat a lean meat sandwich with milk and a salad with low-fat dressing for lunch.  For dinner, you can have lean meat, two types of vegetables, milk and your sweet for dessert :)  Do any activity like walking or swimming for an hour a day.  I hope you succeed in losing some weight before the holidays!