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hi i am 12 and i am 130lbs. i need to be at least 90 lbs. by may 31 PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!:$ :'(


I'm sorry that I have to disappoint you, but there is no way, not to mention no remotely safe way for you to lose 40 pounds in little bit over 20 days. Even with very restrictive diet and well developed daily exercise plans it would take you few months to reach that goal. Just to show you how unrealistic demand are you putting on yourself, even people who have gastric binding or bypass procedures need to stick to the diet and exercise to lose weight - there simply are no miraculous ways to lose this much weight in short amount of time.
I know that this is not what you need to hear, but that is the truth and all you can do is to set a more realistic plan for yourself and make it work. Besides, you're only 12 - you can't start dieting now while your body is developing rapidly, that could lead to even more problems with weight in just a few years.


I would like to inform you that, there are no shot cuts or diet pills for  ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** web
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 .It's purely Dependant on one's diet plans and exercises,and how strictly one follows.I recommend the following steps to loose weight in a healthy way.Hope this helps.

1)Eliminate (or cut way back) meat, dairy (esp. cheese, butter and ice cream) from your diet
2) Have one meal per day be a big salad and make your own salad dressing from mustard, a bit of honey and red wine vinegar. Have a slice of whole grain bread (no butter) with your salad
3) Drink nothing but fresh water--no sodas, and cut way back on beer or wine or other alcoholic beverages--and drink nothing that contains high fructose corn syrup
4) Let your snacks be low calorie such as pretzels, apple slices, grapes, carrot strips. No fast food (too high in fats, sugars, and salt)
5) Eat a good breakfast such as oatmeal, whole grain cereal and fresh fruit
6)Walk or swim or do a treadmill or elliptical for 30 minutes 4-7 times/week
walking is very useful to loose weight as it keep away blood flow from digestive system in turn you would be less hungry.When it comes to breakfast, my feeling is,there are quite a few healthy
and easy breakfast meals.healthy breakfast foods are a great way to get
started each day without having sugar and fat to keep our self feeling
awake.I have black gram,corn,oat meal and yoghurt in my breakfast and
end with a glass of milk.