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Im a young girl and i want to know how can i cum all over?


1. Find a place where you feel perfectly well and safe; make sure that nobody can surprise you while you masturbate. 2. Undress (I prefer to get fully undressed) and start stroking yourselve lightly and gently. Good places to start are the inside of your legs, your breasts, your knees, your belly. If you like, you can fancy some boy you like or some imaginary man (or girl) stroking you. 3. Slowly approach your vaginal region. 4. Here comes the technique; you will probably need some time to learn it, but you will find out quickly what works best for you. Here is how I prefer to do it: With two fingers of your right hand, gently stroke your clitoris. Make circular moves; first slowly, getting faster with time. You will find out what the right pressure is for you. Let yourself be carried away by the awesome feeling that will slowly overcome you. You can use your left hand to continue stroking yourselve or to stick a finger or two into your wet vagina if you like. As you cum, you will notice how wet it will get. 5. Finally, don't forget that we women have a great advantage over men: we can cum sever times right after one another. Use that advantage ;) 6. Finally, if you are having a hard time masturbating like this, just get yourselve a vibrator; the feeling is amazing and it's very easy to use. Have fun and enjoy yourselve!

Using an objectYou can use an object to have vaginal penetration, or you can use it just to stimulate your clitoris - or both at the same time!For clitoral stimulation, lots of women simply use their fingers, but there are lots of different things you can use. Obviously, you can use a vibrator, dildo or other sex toys - we’ve rounded up thebest sex toys here. If you’ve not got a sex toy to hand, there are lots of household objects you can use, just be careful! Anything that vibrates, like an electric toothbrush (not the end you clean your teeth with!) is good. Make it easier by lying on your front, placing the object between your legs and using a back and forth motion. Find the rhythm and pressure you enjoy best. You may find that using some lubricant can help give you some good results too.Many people are also fans of using the shower head, letting the water massage their clitoris until they reach orgasm.To have a vaginal orgasm, you might need to use an object as it can be difficult to access with your hands. Again, a dildo or other sex toy is good.The main thing is to enjoy it, relax and give yourself some time for you - don't be afraid to be creative and try different things - all in the name of pleasure!