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 Hi. My sister wants to start following 90/10 diet. She heard from some woman at her work that it is really effective and that once you achieve to lose pounds with it, they are never coming back.

I support her idea to start following some diet program, but I think that she should consider more options. Neither of us have ever heard of this 90/10 diet before. But, whatever, it’s her decision.

She asked me to find out if there are any forbidden foods. So if you have any information about the foods that this diet forbids, let me know. Thank you.


Of course there are forbidden foods, just like in every other diet. In my opinion this diet is very strict (more strict than I can handle) even though there is that cheating rule.

Many people say it is great because it satisfies you need to eat a delicious slice of pizza once in a while.

But we are not talking here about a cheat day as many people think, we are talking about a cheat meal. The rest of the time, you are basically allowed to eat chicken, vegetables and rice the entire time.

I really don’t like this diet plan.