my family is the kind that everyone thinks we are perfect but we aren’t. I have an older sister a younger  brother and 2 parents. I will admit my brother is not bad at all I can trust I love my brother. My parents always argue and see things so differently. For example I had come away from sleep away camp one day and I was tired so I was kinda in a “mood” I guess. And I was getting in a shower and my sister gets home and yells I’m getting in the shower. I say “in a bad tone” no I am I said it first so she goes jeez someone’s in a mood and I say calmly that doesn’t help any of this and then she screams I scream. my dad chimes in I love my dad with all my heart he is the best. He says stop and it’s mt sisters fault which it kinda is my mom comes in and says I just screamed at her it seams from my point of view I am supposed to be the nice perfect one which Ik I’m not. My sister and mom says my dad hates my sister which is not true what so ever I hate it cause I will say one thing and my family will explode almost literally I feel like I’m a mine needing and wanting to talk but to scared cause I think I will be judged. I am not comfortable around my parents. I can’t trust them at all. I absolutely love my brother and my dad, my mom doesn’t help me in anyway she will go I can tell me anything so I will and she will say well u must have done something to start it to my mom I start everything but I still NEED to be the perfect child I just want them to understand me as a persons not a child.