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Hi I'm 13 when I'm not erect I can pull my foreskin bk if I want to but I'm scared that if I pull it over it will not be able to get it bk over :s is this normal or wat guys ????


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Is it too tight when you're NOT erect so it's not going back over the head easily?

Mine used to go back easily when soft but it was tight if I got it back there when erect and it didn't want to come back into place. If I left it alone it always came back by itself after it went limp. So if I got it back there when I was masturbating in bed at night I just left it there and went to sleep, everything was always fine in the morning. Of course it was a little irritating to have the sensitive head exposed but I always managed to get to sleep.

So you are quite normal.

You can stretch it so it's not so tight. Just keep pulling it back a little more each time when you masturbate and hold it there as long as you can, to make it stretch. This works best if you are in the bath or shower with warm water to soften the skin. You can also insert two fingers in the tip and spread it to do the same thing.