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Few days ago now i noticed that i was urinating heaps and everytime i finished urinating it feels like i need too go again because my bladder is full but its not. Everytime i stand up i feel it and its getting really annoying now because i feel very uncomfortable. But this morning 21/02/2012 i woke up and it had gotten worse and as the day progressed it got extremely worse as now its constant and its sore now but not when i urinate. I dont feel anything when im sitting down its only when im standing up or finishing my urinating. I go too the toilet 3/4 times in half an hour and its getting quite uncomfortable and unpleasant too do anything like walking eating drinking etc. i cant have a cup of water etc without having too go too the toilet afterwards and i dont know why. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME OUT I DONT KNOW WHAT TOO DO !!!


its the the urinary tract infection...u'll just need to take antibiotics and drink lots of water