Hi! I am 20 years old and I had my tonsils removed 02/04/15. I'm on day 10 now and things have pretty much gone down hill in my case. My first 5 days were better than expected and I was doing quite well except I had a hard time going to th be bathroom. I've had two in and out catheters done so far. I also found out on my week post op check up I have thrush which is making healing even more difficult. My question is: I'm still having trouble urinating. I figured it was because of the pain medicine but it is progressively getting worse to the point where I don't feel the urge to go. Just the pressure built up in my stomach causing me to feel nauseous. When I do try to go I have to force myself, like push extremely hard to even get anything out. It's uncomfortable and I'm not sure what to do. When I get off the pain medicine will it subside? Or am I just doomed. Help!