I had a chemical pregnancy on the 4th may i was 4 weeks +6 days, i was expecting to start my period on the 1 june anyway, i will try and give details without offending anyone so sorry in advance if to much info.

On monday the 31st i was sitting in my friends and i had this wet feeling all of a sudden, so i went to the bathroom and checked to find i had pink discharge which i thougt was weird never had that before. Anyway then it turned to very ligh brown spotting and then the 1st june i though i must be due to start and by the afternoon i had a very dark colour discharge which was weird it look like it had some other clear stretchy stuff mixed through, anyway to cut a long story short the last two days i have had tiny spot of brown on a panty liner and just when i am wiping.
I am not having any pain but do have symptoms these are feeling exhausted, waking up through the night, feeling sick, really sore headaches and very bloated tummy (jumping form a 8 -12), also the occasional twinge in my sides and boobs.
I am starting to think i have a really weird period because i lost my baby 4 weeks ago and its in my head that i am pregnant, because i did pregnancy test all last week and they came back negative, i have not tested since friday because i think i am just starting to think i will keep having negatives, but it concerns me how i am having a period like this or implantation bleed. It all stopped yesterday

Sorry for the long post :$