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Hi there, was just wondering if anyone could help me. i've read into this quite a bit but i dont know if its maybe just my period. I have started a week early and i had sex 8 days ago so the maths adds up. it started as spotting which was a browny peach colour but this morning i woke up with half a panty liner filled and when i wiped it was red and i know its not meant to be red so is it maybe just my period instead of implantation bleeding? sorry if thats to much info!! but for the past 3 days i have felt nausia, and fatigue and i havent done anything different to feel like that and i have also have light stomach cramps. HELP?!


Well, starting your period a week early is a bit odd, especially if you normally have very regular periods! When it comes to answering the old "implantation bleeding or period?" question, though, your flow gives you valuable clues. You're right that it isn't meant to be that red or heavy. An implantation bleeding is typically very light and it doesn't last very long at all, two days tops on the whole. 

If you're hoping to be pregnant, I'm hoping with you, but I wouldn't get my hopes up just yet considering the information you have given, though having some pregnancy signs could be a good sign.