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Hi... its been a month that i am off the pill. I had one period starting from the 5th. and my husband and i have been ttc from then. a couple of days ago i noticed a clear stringy discharge and i heard that it was a sign of ovulation. We had sex that night. after two days i noticed some blood with the clear discharge and i felt bloated all day with a slight abdominal pain. was this implantation bleeding or something that's happening to me because i'm off the pill? or could this be a sign for something more serious! please help!


im sure its nothing serious.
it can take a while to get back to normal after coming of the pill.
you are right about ovulation and disharge

The amount of normal discharge varies from woman to woman, and with the menstrual cycle. Many women notice that during the week after a period there is hardly any discharge, and what there is has a thick consistency. Towards the middle of the cycle (about 2 weeks after the start of a period) the amount increases and it becomes thin, slippery and clear, like uncooked egg white. When this discharge is exposed to the air it becomes brownish-yellow, so it is normal to find a yellowish stain on your undies at the middle of the monthly cycle. There may also be a feeling of moistness and stickiness.

my tip for TTC is have sex 3 times per week , for a month. i wish you well.