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my last lmp is dec 11 2013, i got slight browm/ pink discharge for 6 days from jan 7 to jan 12 which i can say is 3 drp.. now no discharge.. i am confused, is this ovulation bleeding or implantation bleeding. bcoz we didnt intercourse during slight discharge.. i thought its a sign of mensturation but i didnt experiance any...i often get irregular periods.. plz suggest is that ovulation bleeding or implantion bleeding?


If you are irregular, this may be a missed or very light period, but you don't give much information.

  1. How long is your cycle usually (typically 28 days)?
  2. What date did you expect your period to start?
  3. What do you mean by 3 drp?
  4. What dates did you have intercourse in the last 3 weeks?