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I dont know what it is, I thought the pain and suffering had gone away, but just recently it happened again. In the middle of the night I begin to get really pain stomach pains, not cramps just burning sensation in my stomach. in order for it to hurt less I have to be crunched over. It burns so much that it makes me want to take my clothes off just to feel better. I get diahrea and this time I had dizzy spells & at times I lost feeling in my body where I couldnt move then id feel again then go away again I dont understand it. Ive been to the doctors & the only thing he told me was to come when it happens I said I cant because it happens in the middle of the night. He sent me for ultrasounds and nothing no results heard. I wish there was something someone could do for me!. any advice ? or thoughts on what it could be?  The pain and suffering last about up to a half hour, then the burning goes away but the stomachache stays.  the pain is so bad i feel like dying, no joke. :(


The Symptoms you are mentioning are mostly related to peptic/stomach ulcers, hyperacidity or GERD( Gastroesophageal reflux disease)...Even i was suffering from them for a month..It's causes are mostly lifestyle dependent..Try taking the following measures, I took them and the pain and symptoms started reducing..Stop all smoking and drinking beer( if u smoke or drink)Minimise the intake of colas, teas and coffees( i cup tea or coffee a day is okay)Drink plenty of cold water, maintain fluid balance.

have small dinners and dont drink too much water during dinner..have a small serving of yoghurt( its a natural coolant to stomach)

in the mornings, have at least one slice of honey and toast

if you are stressed out, take a break for few days and have adequate rest..Avoid eating spicy foods, pickles etcNow when you get the unbearable burning sensation, take small amt of liquid antacid( gelusil works best) and in order to divert yourself from the pain, sit on pc/laptop fr sm time till u feel comfortableAvoid extremely fried foods, heavy to digest foods in dinner..Check out your condition after taking these steps..otherwise you have to see a doctorYou can chew gelusil tablets when those pain starts...