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I am trying to determine if I have an infection after my mini tightrope bunionectomy, which was 6 weeks ago, or if my body is rejecting whatever materials were inserted in my foot to do this procedure. Four days ago on Saturday night, I went to Emergency because of pain in that foot, and extreme swelling, discoloration and the inability to move my toes - also the fact that it was a Saturday night, so two things are going on. One, my surgeon is unavailable, and two, I was too worried with it being in the middle of the weekend and the thought of infection after surgery made me think thoughts like "Bonnie, if only you had come in a day or two earlier, we wouldn't have had to amputate..." I have contacted my surgeon's office to leave them with the long before I start seeing significant results from the antibiotics the ER doc put me on (I was hooked up to an IV with antibiotics and sent home with them, taking 1000mg a day of Cefadroxil). Is it possible that my body is rejecting the materials inserted in my foot, or should I just relax and hope for the best?


I hope you didn't have any more serious problems with you mini tight rope experience. I wished I had seen this as soon as you posted it.

In 2006 I broke my ankle in four places. Had surgery and the mini inserted in my ankle. I had the same symtoms as you did, ended up in surgery again to remove the mini. After three more days in hospital and drain was completed, back in surgury again to be sewed back up. Infection was so bad that I had to have intravenous set up for six weeks at home, constant blood tests and sleeping in a recliner for that duration.

I reported the incident to the FDA?