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I am a bit confused as to what type of doctor to got to and
what credentials he should have to do foot surgery; i.e.,
bunionectory, etc. Also, I am confused as to what type
of facility the surgery should be done at.

1. It is better to have a bunionectomy done by a
medical doctor who is board-certified in Orthopedics.
Or, is it better to have the surgery done by
a non-MD, who is board-certified by the Board
of Podiatric Medicine. (BPM)

2. Are all Board-Certified Podiatrists "Fellows" in the
American College of Foot and Ankle Surgery (FACFAS),
or does it take special additional training to have the
initials "FACFAS" after your name.

3. Also, would anyone be able to confirm to me
that being a "Member" of the American College of Foot and Ankle
Surgery is not the same as being a "Fellow" in the ACFAS. Can
you confirm that it takes
more training to be a Fellow than to be a Member.

4. Finally, are most Podiatric Surgeons given hospital
privileges or do the hospitals not give privileges because
podiatric surgeons are technically not MD's.

Any help in clearing up my confusion would be appreciated.


Honestly someone that is good to do foot surgery is a podiatrist. I would refer you to Thomas Jacobs in Columbus, Georgia because there is absolutely none better than him. His website is check it out. No matter how far you have to travel to see him you will be glad you did.