Hi, I am a 53 year old female who just had a right bunionectomy hallux valugus with osteotomy on 3/21/07. I had a previous bunionectomy on the left foot by same dr. in Dec. 98 and Hammertoe correction, 2 toes, March '99. That bunion was more pronounced.
Today was the first dressing change. I am in pain, but not as bad as I thought. There is a lot of swelling, but I know I am walking too much, and not enough iceing. My question is this; I also have spurs, plantar fascites on this and other foot. I was hit by a car in 2001 , same foot and had a comminuated fracture that took 7 months to heal. This foot now has lost it's range of motion. Dr. said he could fuse it, but it is a tough area to fuse and it may not hold. I have arthritis in foot also. ( he told me that.)My foot bends up but not down. How will my recovery from this bunionectomy affect my other foot problems. and how long can I expect
my foot to recover from surgery? It hurt so bad I crawled to the bathroom, but I am sure that is normal in beginning. Is it possible to get the rom back in my foot after so long of no ROM , ( bend down)? Would surgery solve this problem? Thanks for any advice. fluffypurrcat