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I'm an uncircumcised male with no current sexual activity.

Yesterday I realized that the inner foreskin (the part that overlays the glans when the skin is not pulled back) is rather inflamed. It is/was a real red color and is definitely slightly swollen. The overall glans are not inflamed, regular color (except for a reddish area/spot on top of my glans when looking down at it). Nothing hurts, I feel no discomfort. Urinating isn't a problem and pulling back the foreskin is not a problem (though it is slightly tighter than usual due to the swelling I guess). The only reason I'm concerned is that I've never experienced this before and the apparent inflammation was concerning.

Last night I washed the whole area with warm soapy(not much soap) water. Rinsed and dried the area. This morning it seems better but the overall condition is still present. The foreskin isn't as red anymore and the spot on the glans seems has died down a bit too. From what I've read there isn't much need for concern but I just wasn't sure if I should go and see a doctor about it or if its something I could clean up myself with a little care.

Any ideas what this might be? And how long it takes to heal? Or rather how much time until a noticeable improvement?


First let me commend you on the detailed description of your problem. I seems that you picked up an irritant or slight infection in this area under the foreskin. I would suggest that you continue to clean it, but instead of using soap or lotions, use baby oil or olive oil. There is much blood flow in this area and infections are quickly healed, so you can try this for a few days and im sure you will find improvement. Ricky