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Hello there,

any of you guys have any success in Dr Bert Herring’s Fast – 5 diet?

This diet seems pretty easy to follow, but I don’t know can I and when I can expect some results?

Sometimes, while I am on some diet, hunger interrupts my day, and I felt really bad. So, this diet sounds good to me, and I am willing to try it!

So, how do I do it? Why did you choose this method to use?

I really hope that someone here have experience with it. And what means 19 hours in whole this process?

Thank you!



I will tell you what I know, based on my experience. I was on this diet seven months ago. I have been incorporating more fruits and vegetables into every meal, and that was fine for me. And, of course, since then I drink a lot of water, no question about it.

I have learned that I need to follow some tips.

  • You should eat only between  5 pm to 10 pm,
  • Drink only water or drinks with no calorie,
  • You don’t have to count calories
  • Eat meals with fruits and vegetables.

Of course, there is more. But this is just fine for the beginning.

Good luck!