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Ive always been experiencing irregular menstrual cycle. Sometimes i dont have my period for almost 2 months before. But what scares me now is im not having my period for more than 3 months. I tried using home pregnancy tests thrice, first was after 2 months of monitoring, 2nd was 2 and half months and last was 2days ago which was right after it hit 3 months on my counting - all test results to negative. Are pregnancy tests really accurate? But Im experiencing heavy cramps for the past 2 weeks, and deep upset stomach every morning - i always get the feeling of throwing up; in which eating is only my great relief. I dont always feel tired, and no food cravings at all.

Id really like to think that this is just stress, since im often working soo late. But three months without period? i dont think so. Im wondring if im really pregnant or not, or this are another symptoms of something else?

Can someone help me?


Well stress will certainly delay your period, but if you have always been irregular, and have taken 3 negative pregnancy tests you may just have to relax. Take a day off from work and have a nice soothing day at a spa or something. You may also want to get a blood test from a doctor to be completely accurate.