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I’ve been suffering from urinary incontinence due to pelvic floor weakening after my total  hysterectomy procedure and my urologist has me on Detrol to help control it, but besides causing me to constantly have dry mouth, Detrol isn’t doing all that much to help with my incontinence problem.

I’ve been researching a bit online and it seems that some people in situation similar to mine had more success with Enablex - if you are or were on Enablex, does it work better than Detrol for controlling urinary incontinence?



even though you have to take into account that we're all different and that the same medication might work differently even if both you and I are diagnosed with urinary incontinence, I have to say - Enablex was like finding a miracle cure for me.

Before I started Enablex I didn't even realize how much Detrol side effects I was experiencing and even though Enablex has it's side effects too, dry mouth included, it almost completely eliminated the number of times I had accidental leaking or the constant urge to go. You can ask your urologist for a sample, it is a bit more expensive, but for me it definitely works better.