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am 23 years of age,my penis is totally covered with skin,i never tried to push it back because it is not possible as the hole is not big to push it back, so is the foreskin is good for sex or do i need to undergo any surgery,please help me out of this



The foreskin is supposed to cover the penis but it should slide freely and the glans will be exposed, in an adult, when fully erect. My concern is that you are not properly cleaning under the foreskin if the hole is that small. There is also the possibility that the foreskin could get stuck behind the glans, during sexual activity, called phimosis. It could be severe enough that it requires emergency treatment.

Make an appointment with a urologist. This is their area of expertise. They can properly evaluate you and make recommendations as to what, if any, treatment is required.

Keep us posted. Good luck.