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Is head lice infestation really an epidemic? What is the best do-it –yourself all natural head lice treatment?

I just received a call from my son’s school, informing me they had a lice screening by a professional lice removal company, and that my child is infested with head lice. Being that I’m supporting my family on a tight budget, I’m trying to find an affordable treatment. Anyone experience the same issue? The cheapest and best sounding head lice treatment service I found so far is LiceBustersNYC. I’m still trying to keep the commercial option as a last resort. Any one have any helpful advice?


Hi there! I fully understand you concern. Unfortunately head lice infestation is an epidemic. School and places like that are the most common to get infested. It is generally spread through direct head-to-head contact with an infested person. There is no product or method which assures 100% destruction of the eggs and hatched lice after a single treatment. However, there are a number of treatment modalities that can be employed with varying degrees of success. These methods include chemical treatments, natural products, combs, shaving, hot air, and silicone-based lotions. Lice on the hair and body are usually treated with medicated shampoos or cream rinses. Nit combs can be used to remove lice and nits from the hair. Laundering clothes using high heat can eliminate body lice. Efforts to treat should focus on the hair or body (or clothes), and not on the home environment. Some lice have become resistant to certain insecticides used in commercially available anti-louse products. A physician or pharmacist can prescribe or suggest treatments. Because empty eggs of head lice may remain glued on the hair long after the lice have been eliminated, treatment should be considered only when live lice are discovered. As for the cheapest and best sounding head lice treatment, you can ask for it in your nearest drug store. I hope this will help you.