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Hi :),

Okay so first off, I'm a 13 male and I have a dilemma with my mom. (Yeah it's a kinda spoiled brat dilemma).

So she met a guy online who she has known for 9 months now. When they first met he was "pretending" to be someone he wasn't. Turns out he was one of those international scammers. Then when my mom founded out she was upset for a month. Then she contacted him and I guess they started dating. Now they have a long distance relationship but she knows he's cheating on her yet she still buys him stuff and talks to him. Over those 9 months she's spent nearly $5,000 dollars just to visit him and give him gifts. So here's the dilemma, I want a new phone. (Yeah, "WOOOOWWW WHAT A SPOILED BRAT!!" well this is the only place I can find help or their opinion without getting berated with words). The phone is a Nexus 4 and it's $299 and I need it because my phone is cracked, ruined, and can barely operate. And I need it because it has this like really strong glass I guess and I always get jumped for my phone or a guy knocks it out of my hand. So I asked her for it and she said yes if I did some things like cleaning the backyard and front yard of weeds my height. I did them and now she's yelling at me for wasting money even though we had an agreement. So the last words I said to her before I come to you fine internet are "What about that scammer and that $5000 you spent on him?" and I left her room and closed the door. I don't know if this will help but our house is in sh*t, financially, but my mom has spent almost every waking moment texting or calling this guy and we are low on money yet she still buys clothes for her and him. So my question is, "Is it me that's wrong who's a spoiled brat who wants a $300 dollar phone. Or its it my mom who has spent $5000 dollars on a guys she just met?"





WELL!  You are both wrong!  Your Mother needs a wake up call!  Tell her that you found out from a very experienced 57 yr old woman that buying men doesn't work.  It's like teaching a pig to sing, it doesn't work and it annoys the pig.  A real man doesn't take money from a woman.  My guess is she knows this, but perhaps has gotten in a bit too deep and is trying to recoup something from her expenditures, in other words trying to win a losing game.  It's a complicated emotional thing, but she needs to cut her losses and stop.  Now, your turn.  When your household is short on cash you don't ask for $300 toys.  There are plenty of cell phones out there that you can get for free with a new contract or at least a lot less expensive with or without a new contract.  Have you looked on ebay?  Anyhow, if Mom needs help with the jerk, steer her to me...i'd be glad to splain to to her!  Good luck!