Hi, I need a suggestion and I request that it should be straight forward. It is a girl-girl relationship. So, please don't get confused. I met one girl 5 years ago, instantly we became friends that time I was recently married. So my total focus towards my marriage but I don't what happened slowly I got attracted to this girl and she was 9 years younger to me. We were so close we use to chat & call on the phone when outside office and always use to chat and look each  other when we are in office. I always found her looking at me when I was busy with my work and other colleagues. Once we both were alone at her place she asking do you like smooching and I was shocked that why she is asking this and then she went to other to get something and after 15 minutes when she never came back and stand to look at her she was sitting beside silently and looking at me. Once she was crying and I was consoling her all of sudden she hold me and then suddenly left, I don't know how to react and then her exams started I thought It is not the right time to chat and call during her exams than in the night she called and shouted on me why you didn't call and messaged me then I told her I thought you were busy with your studies. So, I didn't call then said whatever it is calling me every day till I'll join office again and after my exams and vacation,then she came back after exam and vacation and she was totally changed and she uses to fight me unnecessary and one day she said why you bother whether I angry or not one day you leave me and stay with your husband. I never realized my feeling till the time I left that organization and her. Now I realized how much I was her and how I love her. So, I tried to approach but she didn't response. Please tell me how to approach her and get her back or I was wrong it is just a friendship from her side, Because when we met that time she was in a relationship with a guy. Please help me this feeling is killing me.....:( :(