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Please reply - must I take them to see if any problems with hormones?


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hey indita.....
what does this pubic hair look like? is it long dark and course or very thin and light..... also are they showing any other signs of puberty?

having pubic hair at 5 years of age is deffinatly not normal and i suggest you get theri hormone levals checked. are they male or female?

most conditions where a child enters puberty early called (precosious puberty) there is a disorder with their pituitary gland....., but there should be treatments available so just get it checked out ok?

I hope this helps some......
thanks 8)


I am not sure that I ever heard of such a thing. To be honest this is a surprise to me. I don’t think that this is very normal and in my opinion you should take your child to the doctors to see what might be wrong with him. He might have some sort of hormonal problem. I don’t know if your child has any more symptoms that he might have some hormonal changes that are affecting him in this way. You need to know that puberty starts at the age of 12 years but I am not sure is this really possible. I hope that you will find a solution for your child.
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