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I have this problem for 2 weeks now and it doesn't feel like is getting better.When i swallow food i feel pressure in my chest and sometimes my back until my food reaches my stomach. I don't think it hurts but I'm not quite sure (feels like i swallowed a big chunk of food no matter what food or how much i swallow) and it is really starting to affect my life because now I'm afraid to eat. This happens especially with dry foods such as bread and meat, if i don't think about it i can have a normal meal but I'm starting to get more stressed about this. And sometimes when I'm swallowing water it feels like I'm swallowing little balls.When I'm not eating i don't feel any pain or heartburn.
Do you think is normal and it's just my anxiety or it could be a serious illness such as an infection in the esophagus?
Does anybody else have this symptoms?


I have similar symptoms for the past two days. My esophagus feels very painful. Did this just go away for you? Thanls for any help. I know your post is quite old but thought I would ask anyway! Thanks