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I have this problem for 2 weeks now and it doesn't feel like is getting better.When i swallow food i feel pressure in my chest and sometimes my back until my food reaches my stomach. I don't think it hurts but i'm not quite sure (feels like i swallowed a big chunk of food) and it is really starting to affect my life because now I'm afraid to eat. This happens especially with dry foods such as bread and meat, if i don't think about it i can have a normal meal but I'm starting to get more stressed about this.And sometimes when I'm swallowing water it feels like I'm swallowing little balls.When i'm not swallowing i don't feel anything, no heartburns no nothing.
Do you think is normal and it's just my anxiety or it could be a serious illness such as an infection in the esophagus?
Does anybody else have this symptoms?


I have the same problem, do have any idea already what it could be. im also worried and seem to fear meal times.