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Hi guys this is my first post on the forum...
I m a 26 year old male, 1.82 Metres tall and 90Kg.
I want to get back into running...About a year ago I started a running but using brute starting program...I just went out and ran till I was out of it...after some weeks I would run 30min 3 times per week quite confortably....I also used to swim 1000m 2 times per week.
I ended up leting all that go. and now I would like start loose some weight...
I remember I really felt well with my self and my body so
I want to get back into it but this time I m starting with this 0 to 5k plan
(I m on the 3rd week) of 6
My current objective is to loose some weight-fat I have at the moment. with the running plan and some diet..get to 80- 85Kg. by the time I get to the end of the plan, helping this way my joints and body not having to carry that extra weight when i m running :)

1) I currently run on a treadmill this ok? is seem to remember that when I ran was a bit harder?? on my legs...correct?
am I ok on the treadmill or should i alternate a bit and go out also?

2) Once I finish the 6 week program and get to run the 5k in about 30 min aprox., what next? should I maintain runing 5k say monday, wed, friday for a couple of months and then ask again as to how I can increase my running time-distance...?

3) I currently have my treadmill set to a prety flat level...Is it ok like this for now? or should i play giving it a bit of slope some days?

4) My actual pase on the treadmil screen indicates 6.2Km/hour is this ok?
what type of pases are there? trot? jog? run? what are the diferences?

5)Shoes ill leave this one for another post :) or youll kill me!

Thanks for the help


1) Try and alternate outside and treadmill. Outside will be a little harder. Don't worry if you have to walk hills in the beginning to keep you heart rate down.

2) You can keep slowly building your milage each week. I like the 2 week build 1 week recovery cycle. Example, miles/week, 10, 11, 9, 12, 13, 10, 13, 14, 12, .....

3) a 1% incline better matches a flat road.

4) What ever pace keeps your heart rate low. You sould be able to talk comfortably. If you are breathing hard, slow down. Hard workouts will come latter.

5) Go to a good running store and bring the shoes you run in so they can look at the wear. They will help you pick out the right shoes.