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i have a had unprotected sex ( i know that was stupid) but i had sex around feb 15-17 and i been stressed about maybe being pregnant. i took one pregnancy test the day of my miss period which was feb 27 and another like two days later maybe but both test came back negative. im going to take another next monday maybe i just took the test to early? is it possible to skip a peroid im am still very young. thats another reason why i havent been to my medical care provider


So im taking it your Jan period was around the 27th. If this is the case you would of been ovulating around 10th-15th depending on when your egg released. So if you had sex right at the end of your ovulation days its possible to get pregnant. Did you take the pregnancy test in the morning with your first urine of the day? It is very possible and common for women to miss a period if they are under a lot of stress, put on weight, taken off weight, started working out, etc. Are you having any symptoms? I would suggest waiting another week to retest and if its still negative you can either go to the doctor to have a blood pregnancy test drawn or wait until next months period. If you do not get your next months period go to the doctor for a check up. Atleast you are smart enough to know having unprotected sex is stupid and you can learn from this experience where most never learn and continue to have unprotected sex. Good Luck