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I’ve been trying to lose few extra pounds with not that much success for quite some time now and I’m thinking about giving the Dukan diet a try because it seems to get the work done, if you stick to all it’s rules.

What worries me though is that there are so many limitations as to which food you can and can’t eat, especially at the start where you don’t eat any carbs at all. I’m not a big meat eater, but I figure it works the same way Atkins diet does. If anyone has successfully done the full Dukan diet, how hard was it for you to stick to all the rules and did you lose weight, in the long run?



I can't say I've completed the full Dukan diet since I'm on it for only three weeks now, but you'll definitely notice a weight loss at the start. And it's definitely hard to stick to the allowed food list because you can't eat even the simple things like fresh fruit or veggies just to break up the monotonous meals a bit, not to mention sweets and such.

I'm hoping I'll make it to the second phase when I'll at least have a bit more choice in what I can eat, but generally from this point, I can't see myself staying on this diet for months on end.