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Hello there,

Being on Medifast diet program was something that I just couldn’t imagine ever. I don’t know why, but I believe that this was the biggest mistake for me :) LOL. I didn’t lose any single pound. I admit that I was cheating more than I should, but still…this diet program is not for me :)

But, my mom thinks the opposite :) She is totally into Medifast weight loss program, and I don’t know to answer her or one simple question – how easy is to follow Medifast for a weight loss?

Let me know what do you think about this?

Have a nice day! 


Good day,

Well, it is not that hard to follow it.

With all those amazing tips at this diet program, you can learn how to follow it perfect. Once, when you plan what you will eat each day and when, you won’t have so many trouble. It is important key to success with this diet plan. All meals are very simple and that is why it can work for you. So, the experts saying that you should eat every two or even three hours. All your meals you should plan by your own preferences and schedule.

That is all, that is what makes this diet pretty simple. 



Thank you my darling for such a quick answer. I was asking this because, a few days ago, I asked my neighbor Ellie about this. She is a rich lady, she is almost 40 years old, I call her desperate housewife and I know that she is big hater as well. So, she told me that Medifast is so unreal diet program and that nobody was able to follow it until the end. She told me that this is not easy, so I really needed to ask you this.

Thank you very much, I am happy if that is the case about this diet.

Thank you and enjoy!