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I am 18 years old, I am 168 tall and I weight 85 kilograms. I never was fat before, I was playing volleyball, but when I failed my final exam I was so depressed. I was learning all the time, so I didn’t have any time to cook for me. I was eating sandwiches, snacks, chocolates all the time. So, I gained 17 extra kilograms. I can’t fit in my clothes anymore. The biggest problem is because I’ve bought my prom dress a few months ago, and now I just can’t wear it. I am depressed and sad.

Friend told me that Medifast is great program for quick weight loss, but that is expensive.

Is it true?

Please, help me! 


Hello there,

Ouch, I am really sorry to hear that. I know the feeling. Well, according to your story, you are maybe in the dorm, and you have roommate, because you didn’t have any time to cook while you was learning for your exam.

Now, if I am right, Medifast diet program is not for you. Yes, it is a little bit expensive, but not that much as shipping is. Maybe you should find some other alternative.

I wish good luck and I hope that you will be able to lose your kilograms. I hope that you will be able to fit you dress!

Good luck darling! 



Hey there,

Yes it is. And, I believe that is all you need to know. I mean, all diet pills and diet programs can be really expensive, but there are some things where you can combine something and order Medifast eating plan. But, I have to agree if you are in the dorm, if you don’t live with your parents, you should try to find something else, because somehow I don’t believe that you are able to follow it.

Maybe I am wrong, but especially if you are the beginner in this, you should find something else.

Good luck anyway, whatever you decide :)