Hi guys . Well i have a question about my bf. I tell my story well me and him dated 4mounth. Im 18 and he is 24. In this 4 mounths he left me 8 times!!! I search around my problem and find out maybe he is  bipolar. I will tell it briefly . The last 3 times he left me. Everything was good he said loved me alot. Then at night he texted me and said badthings to me then he gone. A week later i texted him and he said he never loved me and  want to be alone . I accepted that and said bye. Next day he sent me a sad emojie i didnt answer him. Next day he texted me and blamed me that are u sure that u loved me ? I was so angry . Days later i told him my words i said loved him and etc but not beg for coming back. Then he said will u give me one more chance? And he said i love u more than anything. Every thing was good. 24 days later he said he dont love me and he wants to be alone. Before this he said smoking weed and this problem making him angry and thats why he always left me. And promise me he will never ever leave me agian. After 8 days he sent me a smileing emojie. 4 days later i texted him . He said that night was high and he is so sorry. I told him i cant trust u. He said all u can do is to trust me . I will leave weeds and everything will be good. He promise me he will never leave me! Ugh... 11 days later he said all of he said was a lie he dont love me .  He just want to use me. He said all men is like this and no one will love u. Note: Sometimes he canceled our date. Smoking weed. Drinking alcohol. And he said me he think he is bipolar. He didnt go to a doctor . But i think he did and he lied to me cause he scared that i know about bp. Sorry for long story. Do u think he is bipolar ? Will he come back again? Now its 6 days that he left... What should i do? Plz help . Tnx for your advises.